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Prices are based in Canadian dollars
Test kit price: $27.50 Canadian dollars each plus applicable shipping fee

Each single use test kit contains:
Lab use packaging includes: 1 rapid test, buffer, sample extraction instructions and test procedure sheet
Field use packaging includes:1 rapid test, buffer, droppers, sample extraction instructions, test procedure sheet and the following items when applicable: acetic acid, transport tubes
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PSP Rapid Test Kits Lab use: Field Use:
ASP Rapid Test Kits Lab use: Field Use
DSP Rapid Test Kits Lab only
Contact us to discuss the availability of PSP highly sensitive phytoplankton test kits
Choose Sample Extraction Method
Extraction is a process that converts the shellfish tissue or phytoplankton cells into liquid containing the released toxins (if present). Handle and dispose of extraction carefully.
*below it is mandatory to choose one PSP test extraction and/or one ASP test extraction
*PSP Test Extraction
*ASP Test Extraction
DSP Tests Extraction: Standard DSP extraction method only
Extraction Equipment
Extraction equipment and consumables are available as listed below. When ordering please consider that the shipping fee could be significantly more costly when including extraction equipment and consumables.
Heat resistant rack: $46.75 each
Thermometer and holder: $ 29.50 each
Ph Paper: $13.75 each
10 mL. graduated cylinder: $11.50 each
400 mL. beakers (pack of 4): $8.00 per pack
1 Filter, 5 mLvial & 50 mL.tubes: $1.50 per set
Plastic sieve: $3.50 each
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