A World Leader in the Development of Rapid Diagnostic Screen Tests for Marine Biotoxins


Scotia Rapid Testing Limited is located in a scenic seaside community in Nova Scotia, Canada where fishing and sailing provide a historical backdrop for a company that is devoted to the assurance of food quality in marine natural resources.  

Our scientists have developed rapid screen tests to detect the marine biotoxins responsible for Paralytic, Amnesic, and Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning in shellfish, phytoplankton, finfish and lobster.

Our cost effective PSP, ASP and DSP rapid tests are used worldwide to screen out the high proportion of negative shellfish samples, thereby reducing the number of expensive analytical tests performed in government regulatory and industry laboratories.

From 1990 - 1995 our chief scientist, Dr. Maurice Laycock, in partnership with NRCC, led a team of researchers in the development of a dockside test for PSP toxins in shellfish. They succeeded in producing antibodies against STX and its congeners.  Many of the STX congeners  were prepared as calibration standards for the PSP toxin analysis.  These standards are still available from NRCC. 

Dr. Laycock was contracted in 1998 to develop a quick and easy to use test for PSP detection using lateral flow immunochromatography  (LFI).  The test was perfected and manufactured first in 1999.  Our PSP rapid test originally sold under the names of "Mist Alert" and then Jellett.

Further research using the LFI technology led to the development of the ASP rapid test and the DSP rapid test.

In 2004 the PSP rapid test obtained official recognition by the Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Committee which is a branch of the United States Food and Drug Administration.  This high level of USFDA ISSC approval allows the PSP test to be used as a screen in U.S. government regulatory shellfish monitoring. Our PSP test has been used in numerous studies in laboratories around the world and has been the subject of many peer reviewed publications.

In 2014 the company's name was changed to Scotia Rapid Testing Ltd.  Although this name change does not affect our operations or our products in any way, it does help clarify the ownership of the company and its intellectual property.  Scotia Rapid Testing Ltd. is solely owned by Hywel Morgan.

We have been a part of shellfish monitoring programs for over 15 years, providing our products to government regulators and industry to maintain seafood safety worldwide. 











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