Important Announcement


SRT is closing operations in Canada as of today, 26 Feb 2021.

Production and sales of the SRT tests is being passed to AquaBC which is run by Dr David Cassis. He has a long

experience in aquaculture and with our tests, and we have full confidence he will continue our work on leading-edge biotoxin detection.

For inquiries about the SRT tests, please contact David at:


Dr. David Cassis

CEO AquaBC Chile

+56 9 81315374

Skype: dcassisz


For any other inquiries, please contact me at:

I want to salute all those who worked to develop and improve the SRT tests, both here in Canada and internationally.

Also, of course, to thank all our valued customers in so many countries who have used the tests over the past two decades.

This is a sad but very sincere goodbye from the staff and me.

Hywel Morgan Principal,

Scotia Rapid Testing Ltd


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